No. I’m not leaving you. Do you still remember the time that we talked about our feelings? I told you that I like you, but you said that you couldn’t catch me whenever I fall. I respected your decision that’s why I told you that we could be friends. I even made a promise to you about that so I would be with you.

But, the more that I’m with you, it fucking breaks my heart. I can’t, I really can’t. I can’t keep my promise not to fall in love you. That’s why I’m walking away so my feelings for you won’t get any deeper. Trust me, I wont leave you, I just need to do this. Why would I leave you? I know how much it hurts to be left by the person who promised to be by your side all the time.

I may be walking away, but I’m not leaving you. How will I leave you when you always have this special place in my heart?

I stopped talking to others when I met you. I enjoyed how we talked about silly and serious things. It’s an everyday routine, actually. Our conversation is like we knew each other for a very long time. I even forgot about my other life – It’s like my world revolves around you. You are one of the best things that has happened to me but I guess, I am not the best for you. All of the shared thoughts are wasted, because you found someone who is better to have midnight talks rather than me.


I want someone who will laugh at my jokes even though its a corny one. Cry because she’s afraid of losing me. Someone who’ll be mad at me when I replied not on time. Get angry when i didn’t said Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening. Someone who’ll care and love me for who I am. Someone who’ll give her trust and loyalty to me without any second thoughts. And most of all. She is willing to take my surname for eternity.


All I do Is sit in my room 

And feel sorry for myself. It feels like so long 

Since the day we met,
 And now all I do is wait. 

I’m not ashamed to admit 
I’m withering. 

I’ve been carving your initials
 Into my eyes

The exact same way 
I try to carve sanity 

Out of the thoughts 

That I’ve been dissecting 
In this conceited attempt 

At poetry. 

Such a sad condition 

To admit that I’m broken… 

 And worse,



Wala na ba talaga?

Wala na ba talagang pag asa na maibalik natin yung dati? Yung kulitan, walang sawang kwentuhan, at walang sawang paglalambingan.

Wala na ba talagang pag asa na makausap ulit kita? Yung tipong hindi ko kaylangang mainggit sa iba na lagi mong kinakausap. Yung katulad ng dati na walang ilangan. Yung walang kapaan kung sino ang unang magpaparamdam sating dalawa.Yung dati na umaga pa lang ikaw na ang kausap ko. 

Wala na ba talagang pag asa na masolo kita kahit isang araw man lang. Gusto ko yung katulad ng dati na lagi tayong magkausap. Gusto ko lagi kong naririnig yung boses mo. Gusto ko makasama ka ulit kahit man lang isang araw.

Wala na ba talagang pag asa na mabigyan mo ulit ako ng pansin. Katulad ng dati na nasaakin ang atensyion mo, ako yung lagi mong pinapansin na kahit may iba kang kausap hindi mo ko nakakalimutan, na kahit walang “Tayo” isa ako sa nasa priority list mo.

Umaasa pa rin ako na isang araw maibabalik natin yung dati. Hindi man ngayon, sa isang araw o sa susunod na buwan at walang kasiguraduhan kung kaylan pero umaasa ako. Aasa ako